Great Musicians From Hawaii

Hawaii is not only home to exotic beaches and wonderful cuisines, but it is also home to some of the finest musical talents in the world. Music has the ability to transcend boundaries and permeate an entire culture like it has in Hawaii. Hawaiian culture emphasizes the importance of music and a constant festive mood. This atmosphere energizes the nurturing years of local children, some of whom grow into musical geniuses. Below are some of Hawaii’s best musicians and what has made them world-renowned.

Jake Shimabukuro

This 36-year-old musician’s prowess stems from his ability to construct musical pieces from a ukulele. The complex and articulate finger work for which he is known has led to a surge in his popularity. Shimabukuro was a relatively unknown commodity in the music industry during the early 2000s. He moved from place to place and had garnered some acclaim in his native land. This popularity saw a rapid increase when his video was initially posted on YouTube. His piece was immediately picked up by the YouTube community and helped him burst through as a rising star in the world of music. This popularity has thrust him to international acclaim.

Shimabukuro is regarded as one of the finest musicians to come out of Hawaii. He is a common sight at the local Hawaii Music Awards because of his frequent nominations. The acclaim is not limited to Hawaii; he has won two Grammys, as well.

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Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

This talented Hawaiian musician was highly regarded for his style of music. In 2007, Kamakawiwo’ole passed away from a respiratory condition related to his obesity. Despite his sudden death, the ‘fearless eyed’ and his music continue to live on in the eyes of the locals.

His claim to fame is his medley of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and “What a Wonderful World.” It was featured all across America and caught on because of its unique approach to the songs.

His talents with the ukulele were deemed among the finest in Hawaii. His inspiration came from Hawaiian culture, highlighted in his music.

Keali’i Reichel

Relatively unknown in 1996, Reichel shot to fame with his first album, making him an overnight success. He was not a one-hit wonder, though; Reichel completed additional albums, securing many Na Hoku awards, a Grammy nomination and a national recording contract. This success continues to impress as he progresses through his career.

The Hawaiian culture has always remained close to Reichel’s heart. He has travelled all around the world and performed for diverse audiences, yet he continues to profess his love for Hawaii. He has been seen and heard teaching audiences about Hawaii and what makes it so dear to his heart. This love for Hawaii can be seen in his everyday music and the associated themes he portrays. Keali’i Reichel is regarded as a hero among the local population.

Clearly, Hawaii has produced unique, impassioned musicians who willing to share their gift with the rest of the world. The sounds and rhythms of this island state are a treasure to discover over and over again!

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