Warm Weather Parties

Outdoor parties let you spend quality time with friends and family while everyone basks in the sunlight, the sunset, and the sparkling of the stars. If you’re in the mood for throwing such an event, here is some advice on hosting a memorable warm-weather gathering.


To ensure a wide variety of foods, ask your guests to bring an appetizer, salad, or dessert. You can keep a list of what everyone’s bringing on a social media invitation page so that you’re not stuck with repeat offerings. Request, too, that your invitees label their food containers if their items contain nuts, meat, sugar, or anything else people might be allergic to, or want to avoid eating.

Your job vis-a-vis food, then, is to grill the entrees. Purchase and prepare significantly more food than you expect your guests will eat. It’s better to have leftovers than to deal with the embarrassment of running out. Note, too, that on warm days, it’s important not to leave perishables out for longer than an hour.


Before setting up furniture be sure your lawn looks its best.  Mow it, trim bushes, and so on. Then bring outside all of your outdoor seats, folding chairs, and benches, and spread those pieces all over your property. Table room is equally important, so set up every lawn and folding table you own. You might consider renting furniture if your supply is inadequate.

One more furniture-related tip—hold your tablecloths down with heavy objects like stones.

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Prepare for potential problems that might plague your party. For example, set up a large canopy or two to shield partygoers from excessive sun or sudden rain. On one table layout first aid kits, insect repellent, sunblock, and coolers full of water bottles.


Essentials took care of, you can now focus on decorative elements. Colorful lights on strings look resplendent when dangling from trees, shrubs, and decks. Lanterns hanging from branches are equally lovely. You can also spruce up tabletops with fruit baskets, candles, flowerpots, or clear bowls containing pebbles or seashells. A little creativity goes a long way!


Of course, most people don’t want to just sit or stand around for hours on end no matter how lovely the weather. Thus, plan a variety of diversions such as hula-hoop contests, sack races, Slip ‘N Slide mayhem, and the like. Drag your speakers outside, blast tunes, and let everyone dance. You may choose to rent an outdoor dance floor, but it’s certainly not necessary. Indeed, you need not spend much to provide all sorts of activities.


It’s often fun to theme outdoor parties. A Texas theme, for example, might include barbecue fare, country music, a lassoing contest, and guests in cowboy/cowgirl hats. At a Hawaiian-themed party, you could serve poi, light tiki torches, and lead your guests in doing the hula. You get the idea.


Finally, it’s considerate to let your neighbors know ahead of time about your outdoor party. Better still, why not invite them? Surely they’ll reciprocate at some point. As such, these events can be terrific for neighborhood bonding.

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